Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Small but a true wonder.....

Its 6 o clock in the evening sometimes in the late 90's(1998-2001), and you just know there isnt  a single person in the family who could take u down, in the quest for control over the TV remote, people would do anything for another episode of small wonder.A smartly calculated step by STAR PLUS which worked magic for them.A word tagging to all the folks my age(late 80's and early 90's,),you all know what mean right!??. An easy equivalent to today's high profile sitcoms like glee,how i met your mother and more, Small wonder truly performed  wonders around the world perhaps a little  late in Bhutan but so late for me to miss it.

The whole idea of a humoniod robot or android as they call it these days was so new and exciting.A happy family of four including a robot, the supposed "daughter".The annoying neighbor with their mega ultra irritating daughter  (harriet) made the small wonder package complete.God, i soo wanted to beat the crap out of that girl harriet i tell you.

Streaming back the yesteryear's can be fun sometimes, leaves you nostalgic, just the other day i was wondering, what happened to the small wonder cast and crew and where are they now?, the power bestowed upon us by the internet can be very handy,just look at what i found.Yes that's Vicky(the android) from small wonders. Her real name happens to be Tiffany bressette. Turns out she did a few cameos here and there post the  small wonder phenomenon, but later quit acting, perhaps to start a family i guess. she s  now working as a full f ledge nurse at a hospital. Talk about change huh!!.

 A word of disclaimer,this isn't some kind of "opinion advertisement" just in case if it appears to be, i 've always had a place for the showbiz entertainment in my heart, so for me it's a little difficult to let go of things, be it a show or a cartoon or a mere character. And i think i speak on behalf of everyone when i say this, everyone has these curious wonderings of what and where someone significant  to them might be at this instant.Am i  right?? so why wait, just google them, and you ll be surprised....

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  1. it used to be one of my favourite childhood shows