Friday, 8 July 2011

An indian makeover...


This  is exactly why i 've always said that Indian cinema despite having achieved great heights will always remain one of the most controversially talked about agenda. I love watching movies and their reviews(English), not that i have anything against the bollywood cinema, which in the past few years has done tremendously well by the way, i am just not into the them. I would be lying if i say i've never liked them,the entire childhood i spent infront of the tv admiring the likes of salman and sharukh khan. But it's just a matter of time before this transaction into Hollywood  movies takes in.  The audience maturity kicks in eventually, and all of a sudden the very act o f heroism from the "hero" beating up twenty something guy single handedly seem so ridiculous.

Being an Adam sandler fan, it was a moment of euphoria when i got the copy of the movie"JUST GO WITH IT". First 15 minutes into the movie and i find out the movie is a complete scene by scene replica of  a salman khan starer hindi movie "MAINE PYAAR KYUN KIYA".My first reaction was ,"God !! has the inevitable finally happened??!!,hollywood finally remaking a bollywood movie". Having watched the hindi version already, even a second of the movie further felt like a complete waste of time.

One of my friends watching, a die hard bollywood fan didn't spare this millennium opportunity to rub it on my face for all the years of ridiculing i threw in his over the uncontrolled obsession he had towards Hindi movies. But that was the least of my concerns, all that went through my head was , how and why on earth would Hollywood do that, i mean there are tons of other movies worth making again, then why  this movie???Something just wasnt right, and i had to find out what. A little background check on the movie over the internet and eveything made sense. The Movie actually happens to be a remake of the 1950's love flick "CACTUS FLOWER" and not the hindi movie,which brings all eyes on the Mr.david dhawan,( the director of the  hindi version), who without any " disclaimer" of any kind, made the movie look like his own.

The movie(english) does the acknowledgment part fairly well with a credit stating " based on the movie CACTUS FLOWER" at the end ,but i dont recall any such efforts from the Hindi counterpart. The entire movie(maine pyaar kyun kiya) is a bloody cheat,or so it appears now.Just because the original movie  is  from an era long forgotten to men doesn't make it his(the director) to claim. Certianly not the first time in bollywood history, we 've seen so many of the hindi movies being a copy of those from the west.But most of them have done well to keep it non controversial  by chipping in a few twist and tale of your own, or by a simple disclosure regarding the western inspiration centering the movie.

what's even more surprising is to see, how much David dhavan just loves duplicating english films without any fabrication of his own, a solid  prove of that being another remake which followed,the film "PARTNER". PS:he was so much better making those coolie no 1,aunty no 1 and the other no 1 movies,that's of-course if they were indeed his own creations and not some "cheap Borrows" of  yet another forgotten Hollywood movies.

Never the less, i was more than happy knowing  the movie wasn't a  cheap remake of some hindi flim, but a mere tribute to the old and original movie "CACTUS FLOWER". finally i could breath a sigh of relieve....and Yes, sanity still exist in the world.

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