Sunday, 10 July 2011

Extreme Point proving...

one glance and hundreds of cliched ideas come to  mind , sachin versus shoaib,the fastest bowler against the greatest  batsman, India versus Pakistan, so for those expecting another rivalry trivia, i am gonna have to disappoint you here.

They say cricket originated in England and metamorphosed in India,and i completely agree with that.I mean watching the game at lords(England) with people applauding every quality effort the players put in, and to see the same game played in front of and Indian crowd(Eden garden), the way they just redefine the gentleman's game with all the chanting and worshiping of their god like players, can be pretty convincing to back the earlier thought.

Now just the other day, i was browsing  google for some pictorial illustration for my blogs. the topic being bolllywood villans.Along With so many pictures of shakti kapoor,Pran, Prem chopra and Gulshan grover this photograph of shoaib akhtar poped out. Apperently when all the relevent results are displayed google does the extra word by word search of the following contents just to make sure that everything is looked over and no stone 's left unturned.

i am a full flegde indian fan,well  sachin particularly, but i always make sure to put in that consious effort to have some professional courtesy for every team that india is up against. So to see a player like him(shoaib akhtar) go down into google with a" villan's " tag is just sad. Needless to say that this act of defaming came from an Indian fan with some computer skills, it just shows so much about the world today and the extend people will go to prove their point.

We are not to forget that every player plays for his country and on a given day,  any acts of re-sortment and improvisation(that being doing anything that may be deemed as bad to the losing team) towards the team's victory is understandable.So its  here where the Indian fans fail miserably,they just take everything to its extreme extreme, and yes i used it two times. Surprisingly, even Media isn't far behind on this, making every opponent team look like they are some kind of an evil pack with the soul aim to destroy Indian cricket from history, they take journalism to a whole new height. With so much dirt and drama behind them , agitation and booing comes only naturally to this crowd.

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  1. there is one thing i,e positive mentality thats it . everyone is playing 4r his nation
    so we have think first .either he may b sohaib r sachin . so we should watch game as a game not like a war pakistanise can also say sachin as a villon by seeing dis thing is 4r sure dat we should respect every athlete...sohaib was one of the great bowler of world