Saturday, 2 July 2011

GUTS!! really???

Morning fellas!, now i know 12:00 o clock isn't exactly an ideal morning but hey being a college student on a Sunday morning has its pay offs. The newspaper brings in the so called new information, mine "THE DECCAN CHRONICLES" mostly brings in the same old shit that 's been happening for days. honestly the middle entertainment section is the only reason why i even bother to walk those few dozy steps towards the hostel gate for the paper. Now guys, no matter how ignorant one chooses to be,but the first page news in bold letters are a little hard to miss. which brings us back to today's headlines which reads,"GADDAFI THREATENING EUROPE".

Not sure what his beef is with Europe but the man's got some guts making such proclamation. I say "GUTS" because it takes hell of a shit to make your thoughts count against people or ORGANIZATION and yes i like to refer the west as an organization why, cause lets face it they have a  dubious reputation of committing crime in an organized way. And the worst part is,they ll convince you that it s for your own good.

Mr.Gaddafi isnt the first to do so, remember Osama and Saddam.needless to mention how that went down, so to take them head on knowing the possible fate( predecessor's courtesy), its quite amazing to see how ridiculously brave they are. Its like RUSSEL PETERS once said in one of his shows, its impossible to intimidate people from that region of the world.Almost impossible...

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