Saturday, 2 July 2011

fishery complications...

four years its been and i still get that same strange reactions from people who'd have just asked me one simple question, "what do u study?" and my answer that triggered the weird face making,would be "fisheries" to which i 'd stress "fisheries science" to end all the commotion which would follow otherwise. for those of you wondering its a four year course with the same benefits of a veterinarian, only here we deal with fishes.and also the veterinarians would be addressed as doctors in contrast to our....well lets just say we don't have a cooler title or a tittle at all to begin with, but professionals is what i prefer.

the second most common question is,"is that even a real course, i mean what possibly could you study in fishes?", now guys i admit it was ok and rather fun explaining the first few times but four years..that's a lot  of time ,even for someone with the patience peak of mount Everest.

now guys i have done this a lot of times so i know the  exact keywords needed while dealing with different kinds of people.again its almost impossible to classify these people  into groups and not sound like a stereotype so, i have come up with a rather diplomatic appraoch. lets say that for people who all took science subject in high school, i d have to go bout the boilogy ,physiology ,culture n processing aspects to give them the sense of what i deal with in my profession.The other folks are my favourite, mainly because they dont have follow up questions and explainning is a peice of cake. usually  sums up in two simple lines with me saying ,"we are to fishes as veterinarian are to animals, you know like a fish doctor", hence the term fishdoc which is completely made up by the way.

with all the information handed out,there are  times i find my self cornered with a few who think a bit differently. keeping in mind the sentiments of some people toward animal and agianst their killing,i try not to disclose the culture and harvset part(harvest being a humane term for killing), but i guess the truth just pops out. people arent impressed anymore and all of a sudden I AM THE BUTCHER, yeah rite! like i have my knife around their neck forcing them to eat fish. The fish murderer is what my profession turns into. now they may be politically incorrect ,but socially even i cant find a better word that describes work as much. so now comes the acceptance phase which i do it rather well or as i have been told "very cleverly". Not necessarily the course i had in mind but hell i stand up for myself and my doings, i am just as social as others.well somebody s got to do the dirty job so my advice to those objecting is that stop eating fishes,this way we will have plenty to spare for the river.when the eating stops,the buying stops and when the buying stops the killing will too.

while the transaction from fish doctor to the fish murderer isnt so pleasant,i myself had no such  problems what so ever.i mean like i said i am a "prefessional", note  the emphasis on that word. the first and formost thing we were told before being enrolled in were to be complete prefessonal and not let our emotion wear us down or to be in the exact words of my professor,"once you are in,do some justice to the course", had no idea what it meant then but now as i see myself answering people i 'm like shit!! i am actually justifying my course, have been doing this all i had my closure and i am happy explaining to  people about my course. hello i am karma wangchuk and i am a fishery graduate...any further questions????

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  1. fish doctor is cool....:D...keep wishes..