Sunday, 3 July 2011

Numero uno

dejected Nadal
now i love lawn tennis and almost everything about it, but the whole idea of having four grand slams a year still makes no sense, to me of course. there's football and cricket the two most popular and renowned sports in the world, and what makes them so popular? the diversity of the participants and the long four years wait which surprisingly makes the experience even better. so here we have tennis,which brinngs in the same diversity and the same kind of money as the other two popular sports yet it fails to attract mass audiance. i dont have a specific scale to measure the popularity of a game,but with tennis i dont think i need to. i mean come on guys,you ve seen the size of the court right...not many audiance you can have at a go. Coming to todays headline, Djokovic's victory over Rafael Nadal in last night's Wimbledons mens final match.

there was this sheer naiveness from Nadal few weeks back before the Wimbledon kicked off. During an interview when asked who he'd prefer on the final face off, Federer or Djokovic, his answer."federer" to which he explained with standards and the experience he(federer) brought in the game. A simple textbook answer right?. he then goes on to explain why he 'd not prefer Djokovic and guys this is interesting. "look at the stats, i have three wins and one loss against federer and against him(Djokovic) i have four losses" Nadal's exact unaltered statement, and that's from a guy who had just won the Rolland Garros a few days back.

so getting a little ahead of ourselves we could say that half the match was already lost when Djokovic saw through the semifinals. but what"s so suprising was the way Nadal  lost the match last night.Never have i seen nor do i recall of nadal going down in just four sets, he is a five setter when it comes to losing.Usually he stretches the match till the final set making the opponent really work for their win. But What ever the reasons be, the news remains and says "Nadal dethroned by Djokovic,takes the number one spot" ouch!! that's gotta to hurt. As far as my wiched guess goes he's at some  london pub calling federer on the phone and saying,"ahhh fed, hey did you deal with all these, i mean its so much", to which federer would reply" well i decided to have kids, two at a time". sorry for the last part..a bad joke really.

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