Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Small but a true wonder.....

Its 6 o clock in the evening sometimes in the late 90's(1998-2001), and you just know there isnt  a single person in the family who could take u down, in the quest for control over the TV remote, people would do anything for another episode of small wonder.A smartly calculated step by STAR PLUS which worked magic for them.A word tagging to all the folks my age(late 80's and early 90's,),you all know what mean right!??. An easy equivalent to today's high profile sitcoms like glee,how i met your mother and more, Small wonder truly performed  wonders around the world perhaps a little  late in Bhutan but so late for me to miss it.

The whole idea of a humoniod robot or android as they call it these days was so new and exciting.A happy family of four including a robot, the supposed "daughter".The annoying neighbor with their mega ultra irritating daughter  (harriet) made the small wonder package complete.God, i soo wanted to beat the crap out of that girl harriet i tell you.

Streaming back the yesteryear's can be fun sometimes, leaves you nostalgic, just the other day i was wondering, what happened to the small wonder cast and crew and where are they now?, the power bestowed upon us by the internet can be very handy,just look at what i found.Yes that's Vicky(the android) from small wonders. Her real name happens to be Tiffany bressette. Turns out she did a few cameos here and there post the  small wonder phenomenon, but later quit acting, perhaps to start a family i guess. she s  now working as a full f ledge nurse at a hospital. Talk about change huh!!.

 A word of disclaimer,this isn't some kind of "opinion advertisement" just in case if it appears to be, i 've always had a place for the showbiz entertainment in my heart, so for me it's a little difficult to let go of things, be it a show or a cartoon or a mere character. And i think i speak on behalf of everyone when i say this, everyone has these curious wonderings of what and where someone significant  to them might be at this instant.Am i  right?? so why wait, just google them, and you ll be surprised....

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Extreme Point proving...

one glance and hundreds of cliched ideas come to  mind , sachin versus shoaib,the fastest bowler against the greatest  batsman, India versus Pakistan, so for those expecting another rivalry trivia, i am gonna have to disappoint you here.

They say cricket originated in England and metamorphosed in India,and i completely agree with that.I mean watching the game at lords(England) with people applauding every quality effort the players put in, and to see the same game played in front of and Indian crowd(Eden garden), the way they just redefine the gentleman's game with all the chanting and worshiping of their god like players, can be pretty convincing to back the earlier thought.

Now just the other day, i was browsing  google for some pictorial illustration for my blogs. the topic being bolllywood villans.Along With so many pictures of shakti kapoor,Pran, Prem chopra and Gulshan grover this photograph of shoaib akhtar poped out. Apperently when all the relevent results are displayed google does the extra word by word search of the following contents just to make sure that everything is looked over and no stone 's left unturned.

i am a full flegde indian fan,well  sachin particularly, but i always make sure to put in that consious effort to have some professional courtesy for every team that india is up against. So to see a player like him(shoaib akhtar) go down into google with a" villan's " tag is just sad. Needless to say that this act of defaming came from an Indian fan with some computer skills, it just shows so much about the world today and the extend people will go to prove their point.

We are not to forget that every player plays for his country and on a given day,  any acts of re-sortment and improvisation(that being doing anything that may be deemed as bad to the losing team) towards the team's victory is understandable.So its  here where the Indian fans fail miserably,they just take everything to its extreme extreme, and yes i used it two times. Surprisingly, even Media isn't far behind on this, making every opponent team look like they are some kind of an evil pack with the soul aim to destroy Indian cricket from history, they take journalism to a whole new height. With so much dirt and drama behind them , agitation and booing comes only naturally to this crowd.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Your take on that...: An indian makeover...

Your take on that...: An indian makeover...: "CACTUS FLOWER This is exactly why i 've always said that Indian cinema despite having achieved great heights will always remain one of..."

An indian makeover...


This  is exactly why i 've always said that Indian cinema despite having achieved great heights will always remain one of the most controversially talked about agenda. I love watching movies and their reviews(English), not that i have anything against the bollywood cinema, which in the past few years has done tremendously well by the way, i am just not into the them. I would be lying if i say i've never liked them,the entire childhood i spent infront of the tv admiring the likes of salman and sharukh khan. But it's just a matter of time before this transaction into Hollywood  movies takes in.  The audience maturity kicks in eventually, and all of a sudden the very act o f heroism from the "hero" beating up twenty something guy single handedly seem so ridiculous.

Being an Adam sandler fan, it was a moment of euphoria when i got the copy of the movie"JUST GO WITH IT". First 15 minutes into the movie and i find out the movie is a complete scene by scene replica of  a salman khan starer hindi movie "MAINE PYAAR KYUN KIYA".My first reaction was ,"God !! has the inevitable finally happened??!!,hollywood finally remaking a bollywood movie". Having watched the hindi version already, even a second of the movie further felt like a complete waste of time.

One of my friends watching, a die hard bollywood fan didn't spare this millennium opportunity to rub it on my face for all the years of ridiculing i threw in his over the uncontrolled obsession he had towards Hindi movies. But that was the least of my concerns, all that went through my head was , how and why on earth would Hollywood do that, i mean there are tons of other movies worth making again, then why  this movie???Something just wasnt right, and i had to find out what. A little background check on the movie over the internet and eveything made sense. The Movie actually happens to be a remake of the 1950's love flick "CACTUS FLOWER" and not the hindi movie,which brings all eyes on the Mr.david dhawan,( the director of the  hindi version), who without any " disclaimer" of any kind, made the movie look like his own.

The movie(english) does the acknowledgment part fairly well with a credit stating " based on the movie CACTUS FLOWER" at the end ,but i dont recall any such efforts from the Hindi counterpart. The entire movie(maine pyaar kyun kiya) is a bloody cheat,or so it appears now.Just because the original movie  is  from an era long forgotten to men doesn't make it his(the director) to claim. Certianly not the first time in bollywood history, we 've seen so many of the hindi movies being a copy of those from the west.But most of them have done well to keep it non controversial  by chipping in a few twist and tale of your own, or by a simple disclosure regarding the western inspiration centering the movie.

what's even more surprising is to see, how much David dhavan just loves duplicating english films without any fabrication of his own, a solid  prove of that being another remake which followed,the film "PARTNER". PS:he was so much better making those coolie no 1,aunty no 1 and the other no 1 movies,that's of-course if they were indeed his own creations and not some "cheap Borrows" of  yet another forgotten Hollywood movies.

Never the less, i was more than happy knowing  the movie wasn't a  cheap remake of some hindi flim, but a mere tribute to the old and original movie "CACTUS FLOWER". finally i could breath a sigh of relieve....and Yes, sanity still exist in the world.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

false advertisement!!!!!!!

The thing with feildtrip is that you can bet on an exciting experience going down into your head, the lousy part is the early morning expedition it always turns out to be. Being an intern for five months in the feild, i ll say i had my share of field trip experiences(gut inside out), so when the news came in last night about this yet another expedition we' d have to make, i was like,"well gotta get my phone on full charge, lots of music and mobile chatting im gonna need tomarrow". As  part of the NATIONAL SERVICE SCHEME we were to visit a model village and supposedly "educate" them, most probably on new and improved ways of life and livelihood.

for those of you unaware,this is how our typical farm visit would go, arrive at the farm, get your notes out even though no one's gonna pen down a single piece of information, pretend to listen, even shake your head up and down like you understand a shit he says, munch on the free refreshment the farmer has to offer and get your ass out of there as soon as possible. Now everything was routine untill this one guy or should i say an old man came into the picture and made our jaws drops.  I just  had to take his picture(as visual evidence) and blog him down or else i wouldnt be able to sleep.

A typical labour by appearance resembling the likes of those usually hired by the pond owners to look after the pond(they live on daily wages and spent the whole day and night at the pond site) but guys, he's no ordinary pond-keeper, he is a freaking millioner...thats right, a millioner with a net worth of around 20 crores(rupees). A closer look into his shorts and you ll see that its held in place with a rope so  ya no bottons on the pants as well. And No,we didnt catch the man offguard or unprepared for an occation, the man just loves looking this ridiculous. I didnt get his name though, was awfully difficult to remember.

So much for MONEY MANAGEMENT i ll tell you. Now i ve heard many similar stories back home of similar bhutanes farmers who prefer a rather low profile nomadic life despite being wealthy enough. But i bet none of them look this crappy and sure enough none this wealthy. Even they(bhutanese farmers) know their needs and are quite healthy when it comes to money spending and  investing.

The only possible upside to his situation according to me is that he'd be passing through the tax scanner smoothly without any detection,cause lets face it, no one's gonna ask you to pay when you look like that...(No offense Mr,something) but i think that 's just brutal money saving u 're doing there.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Your take on that...: Numero uno

Your take on that...: Numero uno: "dejected Nadal now i love lawn tennis and almost everything about it, but the whole idea of having four grand slams a year still makes no..."

Numero uno

dejected Nadal
now i love lawn tennis and almost everything about it, but the whole idea of having four grand slams a year still makes no sense, to me of course. there's football and cricket the two most popular and renowned sports in the world, and what makes them so popular? the diversity of the participants and the long four years wait which surprisingly makes the experience even better. so here we have tennis,which brinngs in the same diversity and the same kind of money as the other two popular sports yet it fails to attract mass audiance. i dont have a specific scale to measure the popularity of a game,but with tennis i dont think i need to. i mean come on guys,you ve seen the size of the court right...not many audiance you can have at a go. Coming to todays headline, Djokovic's victory over Rafael Nadal in last night's Wimbledons mens final match.

there was this sheer naiveness from Nadal few weeks back before the Wimbledon kicked off. During an interview when asked who he'd prefer on the final face off, Federer or Djokovic, his answer."federer" to which he explained with standards and the experience he(federer) brought in the game. A simple textbook answer right?. he then goes on to explain why he 'd not prefer Djokovic and guys this is interesting. "look at the stats, i have three wins and one loss against federer and against him(Djokovic) i have four losses" Nadal's exact unaltered statement, and that's from a guy who had just won the Rolland Garros a few days back.

so getting a little ahead of ourselves we could say that half the match was already lost when Djokovic saw through the semifinals. but what"s so suprising was the way Nadal  lost the match last night.Never have i seen nor do i recall of nadal going down in just four sets, he is a five setter when it comes to losing.Usually he stretches the match till the final set making the opponent really work for their win. But What ever the reasons be, the news remains and says "Nadal dethroned by Djokovic,takes the number one spot" ouch!! that's gotta to hurt. As far as my wiched guess goes he's at some  london pub calling federer on the phone and saying,"ahhh fed, hey did you deal with all these, i mean its so much", to which federer would reply" well i decided to have kids, two at a time". sorry for the last part..a bad joke really.

Your take on that...: GUTS!! really???

Your take on that...: GUTS!! really???: "Morning fellas!, now i know 12:00 o clock isn't exactly an ideal morning but hey being a college student on a Sunday morning has its pay off..."

Saturday, 2 July 2011

GUTS!! really???

Morning fellas!, now i know 12:00 o clock isn't exactly an ideal morning but hey being a college student on a Sunday morning has its pay offs. The newspaper brings in the so called new information, mine "THE DECCAN CHRONICLES" mostly brings in the same old shit that 's been happening for days. honestly the middle entertainment section is the only reason why i even bother to walk those few dozy steps towards the hostel gate for the paper. Now guys, no matter how ignorant one chooses to be,but the first page news in bold letters are a little hard to miss. which brings us back to today's headlines which reads,"GADDAFI THREATENING EUROPE".

Not sure what his beef is with Europe but the man's got some guts making such proclamation. I say "GUTS" because it takes hell of a shit to make your thoughts count against people or ORGANIZATION and yes i like to refer the west as an organization why, cause lets face it they have a  dubious reputation of committing crime in an organized way. And the worst part is,they ll convince you that it s for your own good.

Mr.Gaddafi isnt the first to do so, remember Osama and Saddam.needless to mention how that went down, so to take them head on knowing the possible fate( predecessor's courtesy), its quite amazing to see how ridiculously brave they are. Its like RUSSEL PETERS once said in one of his shows, its impossible to intimidate people from that region of the world.Almost impossible...

fishery complications...

four years its been and i still get that same strange reactions from people who'd have just asked me one simple question, "what do u study?" and my answer that triggered the weird face making,would be "fisheries" to which i 'd stress "fisheries science" to end all the commotion which would follow otherwise. for those of you wondering its a four year course with the same benefits of a veterinarian, only here we deal with fishes.and also the veterinarians would be addressed as doctors in contrast to our....well lets just say we don't have a cooler title or a tittle at all to begin with, but professionals is what i prefer.

the second most common question is,"is that even a real course, i mean what possibly could you study in fishes?", now guys i admit it was ok and rather fun explaining the first few times but four years..that's a lot  of time ,even for someone with the patience peak of mount Everest.

now guys i have done this a lot of times so i know the  exact keywords needed while dealing with different kinds of people.again its almost impossible to classify these people  into groups and not sound like a stereotype so, i have come up with a rather diplomatic appraoch. lets say that for people who all took science subject in high school, i d have to go bout the boilogy ,physiology ,culture n processing aspects to give them the sense of what i deal with in my profession.The other folks are my favourite, mainly because they dont have follow up questions and explainning is a peice of cake. usually  sums up in two simple lines with me saying ,"we are to fishes as veterinarian are to animals, you know like a fish doctor", hence the term fishdoc which is completely made up by the way.

with all the information handed out,there are  times i find my self cornered with a few who think a bit differently. keeping in mind the sentiments of some people toward animal and agianst their killing,i try not to disclose the culture and harvset part(harvest being a humane term for killing), but i guess the truth just pops out. people arent impressed anymore and all of a sudden I AM THE BUTCHER, yeah rite! like i have my knife around their neck forcing them to eat fish. The fish murderer is what my profession turns into. now they may be politically incorrect ,but socially even i cant find a better word that describes work as much. so now comes the acceptance phase which i do it rather well or as i have been told "very cleverly". Not necessarily the course i had in mind but hell i stand up for myself and my doings, i am just as social as others.well somebody s got to do the dirty job so my advice to those objecting is that stop eating fishes,this way we will have plenty to spare for the river.when the eating stops,the buying stops and when the buying stops the killing will too.

while the transaction from fish doctor to the fish murderer isnt so pleasant,i myself had no such  problems what so ever.i mean like i said i am a "prefessional", note  the emphasis on that word. the first and formost thing we were told before being enrolled in were to be complete prefessonal and not let our emotion wear us down or to be in the exact words of my professor,"once you are in,do some justice to the course", had no idea what it meant then but now as i see myself answering people i 'm like shit!! i am actually justifying my course, have been doing this all i had my closure and i am happy explaining to  people about my course. hello i am karma wangchuk and i am a fishery graduate...any further questions????