Wednesday, 6 July 2011

false advertisement!!!!!!!

The thing with feildtrip is that you can bet on an exciting experience going down into your head, the lousy part is the early morning expedition it always turns out to be. Being an intern for five months in the feild, i ll say i had my share of field trip experiences(gut inside out), so when the news came in last night about this yet another expedition we' d have to make, i was like,"well gotta get my phone on full charge, lots of music and mobile chatting im gonna need tomarrow". As  part of the NATIONAL SERVICE SCHEME we were to visit a model village and supposedly "educate" them, most probably on new and improved ways of life and livelihood.

for those of you unaware,this is how our typical farm visit would go, arrive at the farm, get your notes out even though no one's gonna pen down a single piece of information, pretend to listen, even shake your head up and down like you understand a shit he says, munch on the free refreshment the farmer has to offer and get your ass out of there as soon as possible. Now everything was routine untill this one guy or should i say an old man came into the picture and made our jaws drops.  I just  had to take his picture(as visual evidence) and blog him down or else i wouldnt be able to sleep.

A typical labour by appearance resembling the likes of those usually hired by the pond owners to look after the pond(they live on daily wages and spent the whole day and night at the pond site) but guys, he's no ordinary pond-keeper, he is a freaking millioner...thats right, a millioner with a net worth of around 20 crores(rupees). A closer look into his shorts and you ll see that its held in place with a rope so  ya no bottons on the pants as well. And No,we didnt catch the man offguard or unprepared for an occation, the man just loves looking this ridiculous. I didnt get his name though, was awfully difficult to remember.

So much for MONEY MANAGEMENT i ll tell you. Now i ve heard many similar stories back home of similar bhutanes farmers who prefer a rather low profile nomadic life despite being wealthy enough. But i bet none of them look this crappy and sure enough none this wealthy. Even they(bhutanese farmers) know their needs and are quite healthy when it comes to money spending and  investing.

The only possible upside to his situation according to me is that he'd be passing through the tax scanner smoothly without any detection,cause lets face it, no one's gonna ask you to pay when you look like that...(No offense Mr,something) but i think that 's just brutal money saving u 're doing there.

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