Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Rise and Fall... real hard!!!

hey guys ...its good to be back after a long time.A lot of things have happened since i last blogged, world wide i mean, my personal life inst much of an amusement. Apple lost its sole founder,Anna Hazare had it going about his way with the lokpal bill,An earthquake hit bhutan, Karnataka CM jailed, man lots of shit happening in india i tell ya!.  Most of them really worth everyones bloody talking while,but none of them with the intensity of the next one here. GADAFFI's death.

                                       The death wasnt actually the news maker, (i mean we all knew that was right around the corner for the dictator), it was the rather inhumane way in which he was hounded and killed. Needless to mention where he was hiding right? i mean what is with this Dictators and the pit holes...,First Saddam and now Gaddafi. The Saddam and Gadaffi trial has really shone lights on the Favourite hideouts this Dictators resort to, not to mention that they ve ruined others chance of ever hidng in such dumpholes. Now where are the other Future leaders  gonna hide,Quite sure not the Pit holes for it ll be the first place people will come looking for.
                                          For those who 've read my earlier blogs...i  had him mentioned in one of my previous blogs. Live like a king and die like a dog. We all saw the footage where right after being captured  how he was just being played around by his executioner,almost like how a shark would play around with a lonely stranded penguin right before killing it. His last words being "Dont shoot don't shoot", to which people said, "uuh sorry ! a decade too  late". A valuable piece of lesson to all the Leaders in the Middle East. Oh and  if  these doesn't give those hot blooded avengers some peace, flaunting the golden gun( which was used to shoot the  dubious leader) should settle some score. Now between me and you all, Rumor has it that its(the golden gun) gonna make an extensive tour of the peace(recently) stricken nation, much like the relics we had in Bhutan recently.

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